The best tips and tricks for planning your wedding | Part 1

let's get started!

Yay it's finally here: you're getting married! Too crazy of course!
If you find yourself on this blog, it could be that you're really just engaged and you're looking for your dream dress, or maybe you've even already found the venue and partner dearest thinks the planning is on, because yes the venue and date are now final. Wherever you are in the planning of your best day ever, the tips & tricks I'm going to share with you are super handy from A to Z and will make sure you (hopefully) don't forget anything.

Start brainstorming

Before you start actually writing to venues & suppliers, it is very useful to brainstorm together. After all, you need to be on the same page to make choices.

the ultimate wedding location

Together with your master of ceremonies and/or wedding planner, you can start looking for the ultimate wedding location! The Netherlands has a lot of beautiful places, from castles, villas, country estates and hotels to industrial sheds, rural greenhouses, meadows and much more!

Venues can be fully booked well over a year in advance, so get on it quickly!

Some tips you should definitely pay attention to before you finalise the venue and thus meet your requirements?

- Does the venue fit within budget?

- Yes? Totally perfect!
- No. Could you perhaps rearrange the day or invite fewer guests?

- Note: spend max 50% of your entire budget on the venue with food and drinks
(so this also includes tent, floor, toilet facilities, generator if you marry in your own backyard).

- Is the venue suitable for your number of guests? (both in good and bad weather)

- Is the venue exclusive to you or can other events take place there too?

- Are there any restrictions on location? Think about noise level, whether music can be played outside,
whether something can be sprinkled, a loud end time, live music or not, are real candles allowed.
Ask specifically about it then you can be sure you won't get any unpleasant surprises.

- Do they maintain a minimum turnover guarantee for certain periods or days of the week?

Also make sure there are no big events taking place near your favourite venue before you pick your final date.

planning assistance

The first frames are complete and your wedding is coming to life! Enlisting help is now the first step you will take. This could be personal masters of ceremony, but it could also be a professional wedding planner who can relieve you from A to Z. No more reinventing the wheel yourself, coming up with the coolest ideas together and getting tips for the nicest suppliers and unique places. Ideal!

Tip: Create a common e-mail address so that you have everything organised together in terms of e-mail contact and quotes from all of you suppliers & location(s).

your perfect wedding dress

One of the first items you should also arrange in good time is your wedding dress! Delivery times can be quite long. And you don't want to say no to your dream dress because it can't arrive on time. I asked some Frequently Asked Questions for you from the amazing team at Covers Couture. Here they come!

1. When should I make my first fitting appointment?

For the most stress-free planning, we advise you to make your first appointment and choose your dress 9 to 12 months before your wedding. All dresses are 'made to order' and production takes on average around 5 to 7 months + 2 to 3 months to customise it for you.

Don't have that much time left until your wedding?
No stress, the stylists at Covers will be happy to discuss the options with you!

2. When should I buy my accessories?

We recommend you pick out your accessories at the time you buy your dress.
This way, you can get a good look at the whole picture and know exactly how you will look on your big day.
Of course it is also possible to purchase accessories later, you can do this when you come to try on (or pick up) your dress,
or at another time. Just let us know when you would like to drop by and we will make sure there is space available for you.

3. How many people should I bring to my appointment?

Our advice is always to bring 2-3 people who are very close to you. These persons know exactly how you are, what you want and what looks good on you. Too many different opinions can quickly confuse you. The stylists at Covers Couture are experts in finding the dress of your dreams and can unfailingly sense what suits you. Together with your party, they form the ultimate DREAM TEAM!

4. When should I shop for my wedding shoes?

Finding the perfect shoes for under your wedding dress can be quite a challenge. Unsure about the type of shoe to go with your dress? Discuss it with the stylists, they can provide you with tips. It is important that you have your shoes pinned at your first fitting appointment, and also take them with you, as this is when the length of your dress will be determined.
Making changes to the length after this will be difficult.

And also finding the perfect dress depends on the location where you are getting married.

A bride for whom I got to plan the wedding from A to Z had also tipped me off to try on at Covers Couture.
She had a completely different dress in mind than the one she proverbially walked out with. Delia, her stylist, once picked up another dress that she thought might also suit this bride very well. And it was 'spot on' and the tears as she walked out of the fitting room betrayed that there was no need to look any further and this was the one! Even brides who know very well what they want can still be surprised ;-).


More on the next steps next time:
what to look out for when choosing a photographer, wedding film requirements, choosing the best wedding officiantAnd deciding the music & other entertainment!



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