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You want it to be a wedding day that leaves an indelible impression, one that everyone remembers fondly later on. You also want to enjoy every important moment leading up to your wedding. For example, the moment when you pick out your wedding dress.

Details make the difference! To complete your look, we also have a wide range of beautiful accessories. The most beautiful jewellery and headpieces from Maison Sabben, Lizeron Paris, Poirier bridal and Ivory and Co, beautiful veils, furs, stoles and jackets from difference designers and feminine and functional lingerie from Poirier bidal.



Maison Sabben's beautiful jewellery and hair accessories are designed and made in France. They are super fresh and sophisticated and will complete your look! Wondering how these Maison Sabben accessories will look on you? Make an appointment.

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Sophisticated, minimalist and oh-so chic. All these gorgeous items are handmade in Paris.

Wondering how these hair accessories will look with your dress? Make an appointment.

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Tiaras have been worn by women for centuries and they symbolise beauty and elegance. Ivory & Co. are determined to uphold this tradition and have therefore designed absolutely stunning headpieces. Boring and traditional? Absolutely not! Be enchanted by our beautiful collection.

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For your wedding day and ever after! Wonderfully warm, soft and comfortable. The beautiful collection is produced in Mongolia, from the finest cashmere spun by Mongolian shepherds. With a Madame Seguin product, you support the local population in Mongolia and enjoy your purchase for a lifetime.

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On the most beautiful day of your life, of course you want to look drop-dead gorgeous! Poirier's bridal accessories are an absolute must then. Our collection contains an extensive range: from belts and veils to bridal lingerie.

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