Photos: Jeroen Noordzij

Yess to the dress as wedding planner


Written by: Wedding planner Blossom Weddings

What a beautiful process I was privileged to go through with Covers Couture!

As a wedding planner, I see so many dresses passing by. When you get married yourself, you can't see the wood for the trees. I had so many styles in my head that I actually had a lot of doubts about what I really wanted.

After trying on several dresses, I chose a beautiful classic, stately skirt by
Jesus Peiro with extra high waistband paired with a beautiful top from Watters, two brands mixed so!

At the second fitting session, I still felt I wanted it to be different. My wishes were listened to so well then because I also really wanted a 'dreamy' sleeve to go with my outfit.

And so the idea arose to make the top strapless anyway. The lace puff sleeves became, exactly as I had in mind,
custom-designed and sewn in Covers Couture's workshop.
The lace left over from the top was incorporated into the sleeves, making everything a beautiful whole.
Looking back at the photos, it looks like the top was modelled on my body.

With the angelic patience of wedding stylist Melanie, and the golden hands of cutter
Dung, thus arose my unique - one of a kind - wedding dress.

Love, Valerie