See wedding trends 2024



Feathers are hot! Feathers on the dress, at the bottom of the dress, on the sleeves.... Feathers on or attached to your wedding dress are totally hot this year. Not a fan of feathers directly on your dress? Then consider a pretty stole covered in feathers!


Glitter actually comes back every wedding season. In the 2024 collections, we see many beautiful transparent wedding gowns with glitter, but also beautiful big wedding gowns with 3D lace full of stones. Let's sparkle darling!


Pretty, plain, matte gowns in beautiful quality crepe are essential in the upcoming wedding season. Crepe is a fabric that falls supple but heavy and follows the contours of your body exactly. Does this make you a little insecure? Hello shapewear 😉


Another wedding dress trend that we will see a lot of in 2024 collections is wedding dresses made of satin. Beautiful slightly shiny fabrics, very elegant, high closed or just with a modern cut-out.

Mix and match

We love this trend! In the wedding trends of 2024, we see a lot of basic wedding dresses that are further styled by mixing and matching with different jackets, loose tops, belts or loose sleeves. This trend is very suitable for brides who want to create different looks during the day, and this way you put together your unique wedding dress!

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