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The best tips and tricks for planning your wedding | Part 2

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In our previous blog, we talked about getting started planning your unforgettable wedding. Be sure to read this blog if you haven't found a wedding venue, wedding planner or wedding dress yet! The best tips and tricks for planning your wedding - part 1

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The framework has been set: the ideas of the day or weekend are taking shape, the date has been finalised and the venue arranged. The 'save the date' can now also go out the door so that guests are aware of your wedding date. What do you need to arrange now? What has the highest priority for you is the wisest thing to arrange first. If, for example, the ceremony is the most important thing for you, be the first to look for a great wedding officiant with whom you can fill in the ceremony in your own personal way. Should the party really be the highlight of the day? Then focus first on finding great entertainment for the party! Photographers and filmmakers are also often booked as one of the first suppliers, so contact your preferred photographer or filmmaker right away. As a wedding planner, I often set up several lines of communication at the same time so that the coolest suppliers don't just pass us by.

Photo: Sonja Koning

Wedding officiant

Most ceremonies take place at the beginning of the wedding day (in the afternoon). This is the moment suprême where you are going to say YES to each other. And also the moment that will set the tone for the rest of the day. Ceremonies can be romantic, hilarious, loving, special, with a laugh and a tear, but also unfortunately toe-curling. Names mispronounced, boring ceremonies or facts misnamed. Of course, no one wants that! Reviews are often hard to find, especially when it comes to municipal officials. And unfortunately if you choose someone from the municipality, you never get assigned the wedding officiant of your first choice with 100% certainty.
So look around and find someone who really suits you. If you haven't really taken this into account in your budget, a budget-friendly option could be to arrange the legal part at the municipality (free marriage or marriage counter) in the week before the wedding and get married symbolically on your wedding day. Sometimes it feels a bit crazy, but think of it more as a kind of 'betrothal' where you have already arranged the legal part in advance and that you will 'really' get married on the wedding day itself. It used to be quite normal to stop by the town hall prior to the wedding day to get legally married and to invite your guests on the day the marriage was performed in church. Just a bit of thinking around 😉 .

Tip 1:

If you want to do things differently, consider an evening ceremony. You start the day with a group of intimates with whom you have a lovely dinner together. In the evening, the evening guests arrive who will all attend the ceremony. Everyone is there and then the roof can come off!!!

Tip 2:

Live music is really wonderful during a ceremony. During a ceremony, the guests and you as bride and groom pay even more attention to the music which will touch you even more! Music is also increasingly integrated into the ceremony itself where the wedding officiant's story is supported by the music and they are no longer separate parts. Ask your favourite wedding officiant for advice.

Tip 3:

I think one of the most beautiful and special moments of the day are the personal wedding vows in which you tell why you love each other so much, what you admire about each other or what you promise to each other for the future. It's an intimate moment for a moment, but indispensable on a wedding day for that very reason. It makes it super personal! Stage fright? Then write a letter to each other and read it in the morning before the wedding day.

photography & film

When my parents got married in 1978, they thought they could save just fine on the photographer. After all, my mother's brother had a good camera, so he could take great pictures! Due to the tension and stress, it turned out that he had completely forgotten to put a roll in the camera, so he had not taken a single photo of the ceremony. Fortunately, there was another acquaintance who had brought his polaroid camera and enjoyed shooting some photos, so they ended up with some pictures after all. Sin! Photography and film keep the memories of the day or weekend alive. Fortunately, many couples know the importance of hiring a good photographer. However, the choice of film is not always made as consciously as photography. As if it is more of a balancing item in the budget. What people often don't realise is that film, in fact, may become even more important than photographs later on. Because how cool would it be to be able to show your wedding film to your children later on? Or what if you lose your parents, how special would it be to see them moving on screen and maybe even be able to listen back to their speech....


Music can really make or break the day. It creates a wonderful atmosphere and connection.

What choices can you all make in terms of entertainment ('entertainment') on your wedding day?
Herewith some tips & ideas you can think of:

- Music when welcoming guests: cheerful, inviting and in the background;

- Artist welcoming guests as a character, girls complimenting guests or special
dressed ladies welcoming guests with a welcome drink and/or some goodies;

- Famous Dutchman or a comedian performing your wedding;

- Live music during the ceremony, but also during other parts of the day;

- Instrumental band as background music;

- Bands with singer(s)/singer(s);

- DJ;

- DJ with live musicians, e.g. with percussion, trumpet, saxophonist, singer, vocalist, guitarist, violinist and/or harp;

- Opening act of the party, e.g. 'splashing drums' or a fire act;

- Live painter capturing the (drinks) setting on canvas;

- Piano bar where a pianist sings and plays while champagne, cocktails or delicious wines are served from the grand piano;

- Dinner dansant involving both dancing between courses and quiet background music played during the courses;

- Well-known artist coming to perform at the highlight of the evening;

- Magician, caricaturist, fortune teller or other special artists entertaining guests;

- Champagne ladies, oyster girls, sushi rollers providing guests with delicacies in a fun way;

- Hair & make-up artists giving (female) guests a touch-up at a beauty bar;

- Artists in real disco ball suits who stand among the guests on a stage to excite and 'amaze' everyone. With lasers, they shine on each other making it truly a next-level party;

- Party bus that takes guests home and completes the party;

There really is so much possible to make your day unique and unlike any other.
Think out of the box! But make sure you stay close to yourselves as a couple.


Next time, in part 3, I'll give you tips on:

Styling, flowers, hair stylist & make-up artist, groom's outfit, wedding rings, invitations and further printing.
Still plenty to sort out, then!

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