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Melanie get's married!

All the ins and outs on fitting by bridal stylist Melanie

YAY, She said yes!
When she had been together with her great love Sebastiaan for 12.5 years, the moment for our dear Melanie was there... she said yes!
Wondering how the search for her dream dress went? You can read it in this blog.

How long have you been working as a Bridal stylist?

I have been a bridal stylist for over 8 years now! What a delight to be able to contribute to a bride's most beautiful day every time. The process from getting acquainted to the final Yes moment is so special.

Who were along to your fitting session?

I only took my mother and daughter with me while picking out my dream dress.
You wouldn't think of it but I was so excited! So kept it small.
It gave me enormous peace of mind to do it that way. Afterwards, of course, I did inform everyone immediately!

Did you have in mind beforehand what kind of dress you would choose?

As a child I used to draw my wedding dress, this was a princess dress.... Great skirt strapless bodice full of glitter
and mega crown! Oh yes and don't forget that horse-drawn carriage and a wedding cake with up to 20 layers!
By now so many years on and older, that really did make my picture different. 

At least that's what I thought.

Because of all those beautiful brides I had the pleasure of helping, and because of the large collection over the years, I thought my taste had changed. That it would no longer be a princess dress. Although I certainly continued to like it, after all, I am secretly quite a Disney princess myself ūüėȬ†

So once the big question was asked, the radars on both me and my dearest colleagues immediately turned on!
Which dress is it going to be...?


Did your colleagues play a role in what kind of dress you ended up choosing?

The girls certainly have!
From moment 1, we were all busy. So many dresses and ideas passed by.
That secretly made it so difficult too !
Because we knew what was, was coming and was possible, the options were almost too many.
So I let go and surrendered completely. 

Is your dress still custom-made altered with certain additions?

Yes, my dress ended up being altered.
Sleeves were added and we adjusted the bodice slightly.
We added beautifully subtle 3D petals to the neckline. This made it REALLY my dress.
After all, it was my princess dress after all, albeit the adult version. 

How did you feel about being the bride yourself for once?

So crazy to be on the other side now.
The moment I was like Melanie the bride stepped in instead of Melanie the stylist , gave me huge jitters!
For eight years, I had been asked several times if I was already married, if I had ever tried on dresses....
But no, I wasn't and never had. Now was my moment.

 There were four dresses hanging in front of me, these had been chosen by the ladies.
My eye immediately fell on 1 dress, never before had I thought of it as the the dress could be.
Until this moment!

Melanie in a wedding dress, things are getting real!

When you had the DE dress on, did you feel it immediately?

Direct! All the clichés are true
I have seen it so many times with all our brides and now it happened to me too.

When I stepped into the first dress I immediately felt it; this is the one!
I felt nice, special and, above all, beautiful.
I came out of the fitting room and the reaction of my mother and especially my little girl was enough. I received a card from my daughter, commissioned by my hubby to be, with an incredibly sweet text... the first tears fell!

I obviously tried on some dresses, which of course I had not done before so grabbed my chance.
But to 4 dresses I was almost begging for my dress put on again!!!

 Dress on, my favourite veil in and down the grand staircase.
Once downstairs, I now walked to the mirror as a bride, just like all our brides.

 It was a hit!!! What a nice feeling...

 Selina my little daughter along with Alexandra and Miranda asked me THE question.

 I said Yes to the dress !!!


Photography: Alva Photography


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