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About Julie Vino

Since childhood Julie Vino has been creative and artsy. While growing up and discovering fashion, she realized fashion would be the field where she could bring forth her passion for beauty, her creative talent and her unique stylistic vision. Julie studied fashion design in a leading academic institute followed by internships in leading evening and bridal fashion houses in Canada and Israel. In 2008 Julie established Julie Vino Bridal and Evening Wear with a studio and flagship store in Tel-Aviv.

Creation of a Julie Vino Gown

When Julie Vino starts to create a new collection she first starts with the fabric. The fabrics used in all of Julie Vino’s collections are designed exclusively by Julie herself or chosen from the highest quality manufactures around the world; ethnic handmade brocade from India, unique lace from France and fabrics rich in details and embroidery from Italy. All of Julie Vino’s gowns are produced in the studio in Tel Aviv by a team of highly skilled and experienced seamstresses and embroidery specialists. The dresses and handmade by our seamstresses and the embroiderers add texture and additional embroidery to each fabric to make it even more exquisite.

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